Explorer EX-M Epic Explorer Medium Ball Head


  • Lightweight travel ball-head weighing just 276g (9.7oz)
  • Hollowed design to making it 20% lighter than similar size heads
  • Shoot horizontal and vertical with ease
  • The maximum load capacity of 15kg (33lbs)
  • ARCA / RSS Compatible quick release clamp
  • 36mm ball diameter
  • Large main adjustment knob with friction control
  • 360 panning for panoramic images
  • Includes the EX-50 Quick release plate
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The Explorer EX-M Epic Explorer Medium Ball Head is the perfect lightweight ball head comprising of a hollowed-out body and ball socket designed to minimize size and weight at just a total of 276g (9.7oz) while maximizing strength, durability, and load capacity at 15kg (33lbs). This makes the EX-M Epic Explorer suitable for supporting larger telephoto lenses while being compact enough to carry and use with camera bodies and lens combinations of all sizes.Ball headsincrease stability compared to other head types and provide faster, more accurate camera rotation for the photographers.

The large main adjustment knob with friction control and separate 360 panning clamp assist with fast, precision adjustments, so you never miss the action. The ARCA / RRS compatible quick release clamp makes it compatible with a large range of quick release plates and L-brackets and includes an Explorer EX-50 QR plate in the box. A 3/8 thread socket and included 1/4-3/8 brushing suits tripods from many manufacturers.


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