NiSi 67mm Ti Pro Nano UV Cut-395 Filter (Titanium Frame)


  • Titanium Alloy Frame Its light, hard, anti-corrosion, heat-resisting
  • Ultra-High Denition Optical glass
  • Matte Black inside the frame
  • UV Cut Nano Coating Nano coating cut the UV light below 395nm
  • Lens Standard Optical Glass Lens standard optical glass H-K9L
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Most of circular lters are made of brass/aluminium frame, but these kind of materials are heavy and not ideal under cold weather conditions. Because of that, NiSi created a Titanium Alloy Frame Pro Nano UV Cut -395. It’s made of Titanium Alloy Frame with Nano coated optical glass. They feature a lightweight, durability and high denition design:

– Titanium Alloy Frame is light, hard, anti-corrosive, heat-resisting and with good performance under very low temperatures. The density of Titanium is 4.54gcm3, its almost half of the volume of the same weight steel, and the hardness is twice of aluminum. Its good anti-corrosion ability makes it able to endure strong acid and base. Its melting point is 1942K, about 1000k higher than gold and 500k higher than steel. Its commonly used in the aerospace industry and missiles.

– Lens Standard Optical Glass Lens standard optical glass H-K9L is high homogeneous with super low impurity and has good physical and chemical performance. It is usually processed to high precision optical elements such as lens, prism, plane mirror, etc.

– UV Cut Nano Coating Nano coating cut the UV light below 395nm, and effectively avoid the fuzziness situation. It makes sure high transmittance and ultra-low reection on the glass surface. It enables the visible light to come through evenly and control the colour balance. Also, theres a super-strong waterproof coating with anti-scratch ability. Its easier to remove the dust, ngerprint, water stains, and keep the lters clean.

– Matte Black inside the frame using electroplating processing to avoid the reection of light. On the outer side of the ring, the turning by diamond cutters shows the original colour of Titanium. It looks great and is elegant.

– Ultra-High Denition Optical glass is after precision annealing which effectively eliminates the stress. Each piece of glass passes strictly HD test, and reaches the standard for HD photograph with all kind of lens and there is no loss of image quality. Black matte paint is all around the glass edge to avoid the inuence caused by stray light.

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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 2 cm


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