NiSi 77mm Circular Advance Filter Kit


  • Includes HUC UV, HUC CPL and Natural Night with Case
  • Perfect add-on with a new lens
  • Nano Coating on Filters
  • Up to 35% discount on individual prices

Value $488


The NiSi 77mm Circular Advance Filter Kit features three of our most popular circular filters the PRO Nano HUC UV Filter, theHUC C-PL PRO Nano Circular Polarizer Filter and the Natural Night. The kit is a great add-on with a new lens and it includes a Circular Filter Pouch for easy storage of the filters in the kit.

NiSiPRONanoHUCUVultra-thin filters adoptadouble-sided,multi-coating lens technology that employshighqualityJapanese ultraviolet absorption opticalglass. It assureshightransmittanceanda highlysmoothsurface thatavoidsunnecessaryreflection. Theframe is constructed from Brass using highly accurate brass milling. The NiSi PRO Nano HUC UV has anexclusive creative U type Nano coating and ahardened waterproof coating.

The UV filter is also useful as a general protective filter to leave on lenses at all times. Filters help to reduce dust and moisture from reaching your lens element and provide additional protection in case of drops or situations where scratching could occur.

NiSi HUC C-PL PRO Nano Circular Polarizer Filter helps to reduce reflections and glare by filtering out light that has become polarized due to reflection from a non-metallic surface. The light from the sun naturally becomes partially polarized due to reflecting off electrons in air molecules, causing the light to scatter into what appears as haze. A polarizing filter arranges, and filters, this directionally polarized light perpendicularly to the reflected light, allowing for the absorption of much of this light. This results in a noticeable reduction of glare and reflections from non-metallic surfaces and an increase in the saturation of skies and foliage.

NiSi Natural Night Filter (Light Pollution Filter) blocks the most common wavelengths of light pollution. Between mercury vapour, sodium, Low CRI streetlights, there are many undesirable wavelengths of light that pollute the night sky. The glow from these can keep your camera from seeing the sky correctly and affectyour night images. Because of this, NiSi has created the Natural Night Filter.

The NiSi Circular Filter Pouch for 4 Filters is designedfor any circular filters up to 95mm. It can be conveniently mounted on a tripod leg for easy access and use and is designed from a lightweight material that protects your filters. The pouch can hold up to 4 filters a features filter slots that keep each individual filters safe and prevent them from scratching in the pouch.

Additional information

Weight 0.277 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 12.8 × 6 cm


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