NiSi Clever Cleaner for Cleaning Square Filters


  • Designforcleaningsquarefilters.
  • Compact design
  • Large cleaning surface
  • CanbeusedtocleanLCDdisplays, mobilephone, tabletor laptopscreens


The NiSi Clever Cleaner for Cleaning Square Filters is an essential and useful accessory to maintain the quality of you NiSi filters. A unique design, it folds away neatly into the cap for easy storage. A large surface cleaning pad with a specially developed felt pad cleans and polishes the filter surface easily and quickly. Thanks tothe Nano Technology it cuts through the grime left by sea spray, oil stains,fingerprints, etc. safely and effectively.

Newly updated, the new NiSi Clever Cleaner is no longer carbon based and does not need pads replacing. Please store with the cap in place and ensure the pad does not get contaminated.

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