NiSi PRO Quick Release Plate A-65G (Champagne Grey)


  • Arca-Swiss/RRS compatible Quick Release Plate
  • Large anti-slip pad
  • Suitable for cameras and larger telephoto lenses
  • Integrated strap mount
  • Hard-anodized aluminum for durability
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The NiSi PRO Quick Release plate is an Arca-Swiss/RRS compatible mounting plate for cameras and is made from hard-anodized aluminum for durability. At 65mm long it provides enough stability to be mounted to the largest DLSR / Mirrorless cameras, and will easily support longer telephoto lenses when paired with a lens collar. The anti-slip pads help to keep the quick release plate securely tightened against the base of a camera/lens preventing rotation and slipping.

A winged screw design makes tightening and loosening the NiSi PRO Quick Release plate easy for quick changes of equipment or adjusting the positioning of the plate. Dual safety screws ensure the quick release plate mounts securely to compatible Arca-Swiss ball heads/tripod heads to minimize lateral movement.

The integrated strap mount will support shoulder, chest, and cuff style camera straps while keeping the quick release plate securely attached to the camera. The NiSi PRO Quick Release Plate is available in Black or Gold and comes with a leather pouch for storage and protection when not mounted to a camera.

Additional information

Weight 0.076 kg
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2.5 cm


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