Sunwayfoto DDC-26 Mini Screw-Knob Clamp


  • Arca-swiss Style Universal Clamp
  • All-metal Construction
  • Plus-shaped Mounting Groove
  • Two Safety Relief Grooves
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The Sunwayfoto DDC-26 Mini Screw-Knob Clampis an all-metal, Arca-swiss style clamp that attaches to tripod heads via its 1/4″-20 mounting hole and included 5mm screw. Its jaw opens witha range of 38-41.5mmand its captive-design knob locks tightly to secure your camera. Designed with a “+” shaped mounting groove on the bottom,its orientation can be changed to fit quick release plates set in either direction and it can be perpendicularly attached to a second DDC-26 and used on a rail mount. Two safety relief grooves help to keep your camera secure.


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