Sunwayfoto PFLO-XT2 Custom L Braket for Fujifilm X-T2/X-T3


  • Custom design forFujifilm X-T2 and X-T3
  • One Piece Design
  • Arca & RRS Lever Compatible
  • Precision CNC machined from solid aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • Full Access to all side ports
  • Horizontal & Vertical Mounting Positions
  • Convex Edges Maintain Camera Placement
  • Lightweight Skeleton-Style Design
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Sunwayfoto PFLO-XT2 Custom L Bracket for Fujifilm X-T2/X-T3 isCNC-machined from solid aluminium alloy. The PFLO-XT2 is a one-piece design created from a single piece of aviation grade aluminium. The PFLO-XT2 L BracketfromSunwayfotoenables reliable camera support for both horizontal and vertical shooting ona tripod or monopod. It is dedicated custom design forthe Fujifilm X-T2/X-T3 and is compatible with both Arca-type and RRS lever clamps.

A convex edge design holdsthe camera to prevent twisting or shifting during use and safety stop screws prevent accidental slipping during installation or removal. The left side of the bracket features a broad gap to allow unrestricted access to the cameras ports and the skeleton-style design helps to minimize the overall weight. With Arca-style dovetails incorporated on both sides of the bracket, as well as a durable aluminium alloy construction, this L bracket benefits a faster and more efficient tripod workflow.

  • Arca-style dovetails on both sides of the bracket are compatible with both Arca and Really Right Stuff-style clamps and permit quick switching between horizontal and vertical shooting orientations.
  • A convex edge design prevents the camera from twisting or shifting when attached. Additionally, safety stop screws prevent accidental slipping when during installation and removal.
  • The left side of the bracket features a gap to permit full access to all of the cameras ports.
  • Skeleton-style design minimizes the overall weight while a CNC-machined aluminium alloy construction, with black anodized finish, benefits its durability.


L-Brackets allow you to quickly mount your camera on your tripod either landscape or portrait. Shaped like the letter L, the bracket has two sets of mounting dovetails, mount using either set of dovetails. No need to flop your camera over and down into the notch on your ball head to go vertical. Instead, use an L-bracket and save yourself the hassle and time youd have to spend recomposing your photo. An L-bracketalso keeps your load centred directly onthe tripods apexwhere you can retain the best vibration damping and balance of the tripod.


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