A pleasure to deal with

I tried to go on the Port Macquarie / Crescent Head (Workshop) with John Armytage and Adam Williams earlier this year but along came 2020, Covid and lockdown.

John instantly offers me a full refund but on my insisting, enrolls me into the next course with Adam.

Along comes lockdown V.2 and the border reopens the day after the course is scheduled to finish, doh!  I live in Victoria.

Throughout the entire extended saga, I knew John was working as hard as he could to get me on a course. I also knew that if it didn’t pan out, I wouldn’t lose any money. When we had to cancel the second time, my money was back in my bank that day! If what happens behind the scenes is any indication of what it is like actually making it onto course, they will absolutely rock. Looking forward to actually getting to one.